Friday, March 6, 2015

snowy eagle

Photo: Pennsylvania Game Commission

Glen Spidell sent me this story and photo of a parent bald eagle protecting its clutch from this week's winter storm and almost being completely buried in the snow. Needless to say, parenthood endured!

No one I have ever spoken to says that parenting is easy. Done properly, it's selfless. Done improperly is selfish.

Join me in the morning at Ijams for a Birding & Breakfast program about Nesting Birds. And no, it's not easy raising a family of hungry nestlings. Try regurgitating a lump of partially digested insects into a newborn's mouth some time.

This story nicely ties into the great horned owl story posted earlier. It is simply my experience that bird parents are loyal parents. They rarely abandon their clutches. 

Here's the link: snowy eagle.

Thanks, Glen.

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