Wednesday, January 29, 2014

doves attacked

Suspected gang leader: bad boy yellow-legged gull

Wanted for Questioning

Be on the lookout! Study the above surveillance photo carefully, and if you ask me, the suspect looks a bit hungover even for a gull.

Two overly aggressive bully-boy birds: a yellow-legged gull (Larus michahellis) and its partner, a hooded crow (Corvus cornix), are wanted for questioning in a brazen—in full-daylight—attack witnessed by thousands including Pope Francis in Vatican City on Sunday last.

Not since Scut and Grover bullied poor Ralphie has such a wanton act of intimidation been observed by so many. And this wasn't in some back alley. 

The Vatican victims were symbolic "peace doves," domestically bred to be saintly white to represent hope and a brighter tomorrow. They had just been released by the pontiff and two small children from his studio window overlooking St. Peter's Square before an audience of several thousand. In fact, it was standing room only. 

Pundits quickly seized on the inherit analogy of our modern world: peace and hope were quickly quashed by the dark lords of despair. 

Whereas any naturalist worth his weight in seasoned morels would point out that being snow white is not a good survival strategy in nature unless you live in the Arctic. North pole, yes; Central Italy, no. 

And any domesticated animal is helpless defending itself in the wild. This optimistic reporter, often accused of being something of a Pollyanna, believes the doves survived to represent peace and hope another day, although this could not be confirmed at post time. 

For the complete story, go to: Peace doves attacked.

Second suspect: bully boy Hooded crow

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