Monday, June 3, 2013

an indigo bath

Look up the word "panache" in the dictionary. Chances are the definition will be accompanied by an illustration of an indigo bunting.

Few birds dazzle the way these songbirds do. Feathered in velvet, they scream the color royal blue. And they prefer to do their dazzling—and cheerful chortle—from the top of a tree or other prominent perch in full sun for all to see. No shrinking violet here, buntings play the swagger card using only the short wavelengths of the spectrum. Concise and in your face. 

Last Saturday was hot, muggy. Rains earlier in the week had left behind many temporary pools, perfect respites to splash about in and take a cooling bath.

Rex McDaniel discovered one such active pool at Forks of the River WMA east of Ijams, proving that buntings even bathe with panache.

Thanks, Rex. 

- Top photo by Kevin Bolton

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Dorothy said...

Looks like he's having fun taking a bath! These beautiful birds stop by our yard once in a while, usually in April. It's always exciting to get to see and photograph them!