Friday, May 17, 2013


Plumbeous vireo (Vireo plumbeus) Photo by Jerry Friedman

As a footnote to yesterday's post: What does plumbeous mean? 

(PLUM-be-us): adj. having a dull gray color like that of lead, the color of lead. Blue-gray. 

And indeed, the plumbeous vireo, more or less, lacks the greenish-yellow flanks that are down the sides of the blue-headed vireo. So the two are similar but different enough genetically to now be classified as separate species. The plumbeous range is limited to the southern Rocky Mountains and Great Basin, consequently, I've never seen one. 

Of course, as Ben Nanny is quick to point out, I've never seen a painted bunting either (and he has). But that will come.

For more, go to: plumbeous vireo.

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