Sunday, December 30, 2012

dreaming of ibis

I don't know if this is on par with the Pam Ewing dream that Bobby was dead only to wake up and find him in her shower thus negating everything that happened in Season 8, but here it goes.

Last night I dreamed I was leading a bird walk down the Will Skelton Greenway at the nature center. We hadn't really found anything out of the ordinary until POP! (That's how things happen in dreams, things just pop up.) A white ibis materialized on a grassy hillside.

It appeared to be weak or sick, missing a lot of feathers, so I walked over, picked it up and carried it to UT Veterinary Hospital which was only a few yards away. (That's another thing that happens in dreams: space and time gets compressed to move along the narrative.)

There I learned that the ibis was 30-years-old, in failing health and that I would have to return it to sunny Florida myself. 

What this all means, I'll leave to the dreamologists but perhaps I need to go on a trip with an elderly bird.

I also can add white ibis to my list of birds that appear in my dreams, that's a lifer. 

Happy 2013. 


Dorothy said...

You are a real 'birder'! You even dream about them!

Marie said...

Birding at its dream of ibis!