Saturday, March 2, 2013


Brown-marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys)

Stink bugs invade county!

“The brown-marmorated stink bug is a native of Asia and was first collected in the United States in 1998 in Pennsylvania, according to Penn State University. It has caused severe damage to fruit crops like apples and peaches,” reported Rebecca Williams on knoxNews three years ago.

“But now the bugs are hitting hard in the suburbs of Knoxville, [Neal] Denton said. They have reproduced vigorously during the warm summer and are now looking for warm places to stay as the weather cools, including homes, garages and campers.”

Well they're back.

Now that the weather has turned colder again, I’ve had a marmorated (it means having a marbled or streaked appearance) stink bug loitering about my bathroom sink this week. Its cherub little face watches me brush my teeth, dry my hair, trim my graying beard. Like the movie Being There's Chance the gardener, "It likes to watch." A rather nonthreatening voyeur, that seems inordinately interested in me. Are they government drones, should I be paranoid? Although honestly, it's kind of nice having something that actually wants to share my morning curry. It's been rather lonely up to this point.

I wonder if it will be with me the rest of the winter.

I'll miss it when it's gone. 


Patricia Lichen said...

Ha! I anticipated a post about you watching a stink bug--not a stink bug watching you!

Marie said...

How funny that he is such an amiable little fellow!